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Intelligent Agents are advanced software components that leverage AI and data analytics to deliver reliable, real-time intelligence. Agents connect various data sources, engage with AI models through prompts, and generate reports, alerts, and interactive dashboards. Each specialized Agent performs specific tasks, such as monitoring companies or analyzing technologies, providing users with seamless access to deep insights and supporting data-driven strategies. Below we describe  some of our AI Agents:

The Global News Radar AI Agent is a comprehensive tool that tracks global news and social media, analyzing relevant keywords and political areas of interest to provide real-time dashboards. By offering rapid insights and a competitive edge, it enables businesses to efficiently stay informed about trends, regulations, and competitors in the market. offers the Company Identification AI Agent, an intelligent solution that automates targeted company searches based on specific requirements and geographic regions. With results up to 1000x faster and 100x cheaper than manual searches, this AI-powered tool assists businesses in efficiently identifying potential partners, enhancing processes, and gaining valuable insights for business growth.

The EU Policy Watch AI Agent is a comprehensive tool for monitoring and analyzing political developments and sentiment across the European Union. It is especially beneficial for government agencies, businesses, non-profits, and individuals needing to stay informed about the political landscape. This AI Agent uniquely tracks and translates activities from the EU parliament and commission in all 27 member states, providing real-time government and public relations insights, stakeholder sentiment analysis, and trend evaluations, all accessible without language barriers.




AI Agent

The Report AI Agent is an essential tool for transforming complex data into actionable insights, particularly useful in business contexts. It excels in AI-driven analytics to answer critical business questions, ranging from customer review analysis to competitors’ evaluations, by efficiently summarizing large volumes of data and extracting key insights for informed decision-making. This agent makes it easier for businesses to identify trends and anomalies, aiding in strategic planning and industry positioning.

The Scientific Knowledge Agent is an advanced AI solution that swiftly generates comprehensive reports and identifies experts in scientific domains. By utilizing AI-driven technology, it scans vast scientific publications, condensing weeks of work into seconds, revolutionizing research processes and keeping researchers updated with unparalleled efficiency.

The Patent Analysis Agent, developed by our partner NeoPTO, is a powerful tool that employs cutting-edge AI technology to automate the process of patent search for novelty and classification. By receiving an abstract of a technology from humans, the agent efficiently classifies the text into relevant patent classes and identifies the most similar patents in the field, fully automating the continuous and tedious task of classification and patent search, which has traditionally been limited to basic keyword searches.

Global 24/7

AI Agents analyse data from all relevant markets, all geographies, all languages.


AI Agents outperform human analysts on factor of more than 1000 X, Covering vast amounts of data in no time.


AI Agents are entirely customisable to your business process


AI Agents are easily configurable and start working with 3 clicks.


All our Agents are GDPR-compliant 
and protect your privacy. All transactions get digitally signed.


Using AI Agents requires no coding skills, whatsoever. An intuitive user interface makes complex AI easy-to-use.

CO2 Neutral

AI Agents are running in efficient, state-of-the-art data centers, using CO2 neutral energy sources.


AI Agents apply a highly scaleable software architecture, allowing thousands of agents to work on tasks in parallel.

SDKs and APIs

For developers, we offer Agent SDKs and APIs to build new Agents in no time.

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