Patent Analysis AI Agent

Patent Analysis
AI Agent

The Patent Analysis AI Agent is the revolutionary solution for conducting patent research with unparalleled efficiency. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, our Patent Analysis Agent allows users to input patent descriptions or technology details, and instantly receive a comprehensive list of relevant Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) classes and finds related patents using advanced AI calculations. This automated process saves valuable time and resources, enabling users to focus on critical aspects of their intellectual property strategies.

Our Patent Analysis AI Agent conducts a thorough similarity search across global patent databases, providing users with clear insights into existing patents and their related technology fields. Instead of tedious manual searches and data analysis, the Patent Analysis AI Agent streamlines the process, delivering results at lightning speed—up to 3600x faster than traditional methods. With the Patent Analysis AI Agent, it is easy to stay ahead in the patent landscape and make informed decisions.

The agent is driven by an extensive compute infrastructure, using massive amounts of memory and GPU resources to calculate predictions, and analyze Millions of patents in a matter of seconds.